Sunday, January 24, 2016

Turning 18, eh?

Here it is, the soul sister of mine is turning 18. Yes, she's a year younger than me.

So here, a little flashback and a bit cheesy for the birthday gurl (since ni anak nggak bisa banget di-cheesy-in) 

We first met at the Bridging Course on the very beginning of our 7th grade since our school was accredited as international standadized school (RSBI). 

I still remember, the first time we asked each other's name was in the english assignment, she was my group mate. 

A week for Bridging Course went smooth, and there came the end of Bridging Course by classifying all students' permanent class for a year ahead. And bingo! From the same Bridging Course class that will be my classmate were only her and Sarah.

I went to Marching Band, Traditional Dance, Paskibra, and OSIS as my extra-curricular. We had exactly the same extra-curricular except traditional dance.

P.s: we were in the same section in OSIS and Marching Band. 
P.p.s: we had the same crush because of cinlok in Paskibra. yaAllah. What did i just say. Hahahahaha:( but i was just fangirling and she really fell deeply. Oops. Whatta flashback :p

In our 7th grade, there were several peer groups which separated the whole class into 5 which began by the way of organizing the chairs that shaped a U Letter. Um actually there were only 4 peer groups, another one was the group of neutral that positioned in the center of the class and it was us with the other 2 friends: Ateng and i forgot the other one..... 

Since our Marching Band had to face FOMB (an annual marching band competition), so the rehearsal were scheduled tightly. Since we were in the same section which was colour guard, and all colour guards usually did an informal self-teaching in the middle of the school time so we began to go wherever together. Lol 

After we won in FOMB (yay), we were chosen by our senior in Paskibra for extra-curricular demo which took long a time to prepare that. We practiced for around 1,5-2 months? 

Since extra-curricular display was held to welcome new students, it means that we welcomed new grade as well: 8th grade. 

Second year was always be the most hectic, fun, and full of joy. 


This was the year where 6 of us reunited--peer group. Each of us drifting away from our strongest circle that actually, began by extra-curricular and organization's regeneration. Um and another one reason: boyfriend. Wkwkwk. But it went too bumpy. In the end we reunited and will never do the same silly thing as this -_-

A drama happened this year, i was positioned as the candidate in Dewan Harian (DH) in OSIS, and she positioned as the candidate of the Kepala Bidang in section 2, but the announcement that arranged by the supervisor in our school changed it, and our position twisted. She had her position moved to DH and i had my position moved to Kabid. And that was a lil drama. Wkwkwkwk. 

9th grade. My class was in a trouble with several classes because of misunderstanding cases. It was a practical test of Seni Budaya subject and i was chosen as the head or the conceptor for my class, it reasoning i was pressured here and there. And when the announcement said my class as winner, while everybody hates my class, she was the only one who said "congratulation! You made it! And im not one of them" :">


I enrolled myself to the neighbor school-- SMANSA. And fortunately i accepted by the entrance test that requires at least province certificate of annual government-held competition.  

She enrolled herself by the RSBI entrance test.

I got my announcement before the national exam result had issued&the RSBI test as well. So that the rest of my friends who enrolled theirselves to SMANSA haven't got it yet. 

Until the day that the announcement of RSBI test issued, that was priceless. We went into the same school again. With the rest 2 of us: Anin & Iva. Ara went to Binus Int'l School and Hana went to SMAN 5. 


First year of senior high school was the re-organizing of the peer group existed. It was like adding new personnels into the circle wkwkwk but there was something happened. She was busy with OSIS since i didn't join any hectic organization in the first year. And she met new soulmate: Amel. HAHAHA. It was like, nothing happened but it feels we're separated away. But we still act like usual. Such an untold story. Ugh drama again wkwkwk. But it ended when we were turning to the second year, we went to the same class, 3 of us. Me, acca, and amel. And guess what, i enrolled myself in the recruitment of OSIS and it was the peer group re-organizing part 2. Wkwkwk we go wherever together wkakakak. Since OSIS is one of the biggest organization in our school and has a lot of incidental & routine work programs, we 3 were being attached more and more.

And that was the point we revealed the thing that happened in 10th grade wkwkwkwk. Senior year full of drama.


It such a gift to have a soul sister like her. When period comes we fight a lot just because of unproper intonation. Wkwkwk

We dont have to talk in a full sentence because even a word represents the whole sentence for us. WKWKWK and we know it only by staring one to another yeah. 

The sense of humour of ours are lower than the ground, so yeah 9gag is the best.

Any topic we talk, we debate, we discuss, we always know to where the conclusion goes.

She is more than a mentally mature creature. She was born to be a physiologist, maybe it flows genetically on her blood..

She is more than the partner of silly things. She knows me from A to Z. She contributes a lot in boyfriend approval and objective opinions. Wkwkwkwk

We planned to turn around to social studies, we exchange social books, social courses infos, anything about social. Until the time that she accepted in uni, and that was the first time we dont go to the same school. 

I still remember. We prepared for the worst if we couldn't make it in SNMPTN.  Since the beginning of 12th grade we started to keep pace social subjects. Right a day after the announcement of SNMPTN, she came to my home and encouraged me for the other entrance tests. She said, Allah will give me the best. Makara or not, it must the the best plan that Allah gives me. :">

She is the definion of independent! She knows what to do in every problem she is facing. 

And she really is kind, indeed. 


I wasnt a good sister because last year you got a late surprise, and today, im not even in Bogor. 2 times in a row i didn't make your birthday special. 

Maafin ya Caa.. 

You know i'll always give you the best wishes in the world. I'll always say "aamiin" in every wish you say. 

Barakallah fii umrik.

A very happy birthday, soul sister ❤️